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Chiropractic Care For Cluster Headaches
Chiropractic Care For Cluster Headaches Nine out of 10 Americans suffer from headaches, so if you have headaches, you’re not alone. [...]
Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy 
Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy   There is no doubt a woman experiences a plethora of changes during pregnancy.  The physical and[...]
Shining The Light On 6 Common Chiropractic Myths
Shining The Light On 6 Common Chiropractic Myths As successful as chiropractic has become, there are still a lot of[...]
The Benefit Of Using Chiropractic And Massage Therapy Together
The Benefit Of Using Chiropractic And Massage Therapy Together Most people know the benefits of chiropractic care, as well as the[...]
What Are Some Common Chiropractic Modalities
What Are Some Common Chiropractic Modalities Although their main method of treatment is spinal manipulation, many chiropractors also use other[...]
Why It’s Important To See Your Chiropractor This Holiday Season
Why It's Important to See Your Chiropractor This Holiday Season With the holiday season in full-force, more people than ever[...]
Can Chiropractic Help Allergy Sufferers?
With allergy season in full swing, many people are stocking up on antihistamines and other medications to help them endure[...]
Does Chiropractic Care Reduce Opioid Addiction?
A common question we receive is "If opioids aren't the answer for chronic pain as the medical establishment claim, then[...]
The Winning Edge Athletic Performance and Chiropractic
Athletes have been benefiting from Chiropractic care for many years; however, it has only recently been receiving attention from the[...]
Subluxation a Scientific Reality
Gray’s Anatomy states that every organ, system and function of the human body is under direct control of the central[...]
Side-FX The Drug Industry influence on health care
The United States has the most extensive health care system in the world. Americans pay more for health care than[...]
Restoring The Balance Chiropracitc and the Endocrine System
The word "homeostasis" describes the body's ability to maintain relatively stable internal conditions even though the outside world is constantly[...]
Osteoporosis Prevention Through Chiropractic
THE OSTEOPOROSIS EPIDEMICOsteoporosis is a major public health threat for 28 million Americans, 80% of whom are women. Annual treatment[...]
Occupational Health, Safety and Chiropractic
RISING COST OF HEALTH CARE IN CORPORATE AMERICAThe cost to cover the typical family of four under an employer plan[...]
Inflammation and the Healing Process
The role of inflammation in the process of healing has been misunderstood for many years. Recent neurological and immunological research[...]
The HPV Vaccine What the Research Actually Reveals
HPV infection and HPV-associated cervical cancer are significant national and global public health concerns. An estimated 11,000 newly diagnosed cases[...]
Human Genetic Potential and Chiropractic
HUMAN GENETIC POTENTIAL AND CHIROPRACTICThe 21st century promises to be packed with exciting technical research and innovations and none is[...]
Headaches and Chiropractic
When you think about someone having a headache, you probably think of an adult. However, an increasing number of children[...]
Fibromyalgia the Chiropractic Approach
FIBROMYALGIA FACTS Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by widespread, migrating, and often debilitating pain and fatigue which prevents patients from[...]
Diabetes and Chiropractic
Over twenty million people in the United States have diabetes mellitus, half of which are undiagnosed. In both human and[...]
Nervous System Control Of The Immune System
The past 20 years of health science and research has seen a tremendous increase in the knowledge and understanding of[...]
Strengthening Your Child Immune System
Every parent wants a healthy child. Good health depends upon on a strong and properly functioning immune system.A properly functioning[...]
Chiropractor Review in St Petersburg FL
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Challenging the Theory of Artificial Immunity
The practice of vaccination against disease began in 1796 by Edward Jenner, who used the pus of blisters from cowpox[...]
Scoliosis Treatment in St Petersburg FL
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The Cervical Curve Structure, Function and Optimal Health
INTRODUCTION The neck of the human body is a bio-mechanical marvel. It possesses a wide range of mobility in nearly[...]
Unify Chiropractic Review
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Asthma And Chiropractic Research Review
Asthma And Chiropractic Research Review Asthma is one of the fastest growing chronic conditions in the United States with over[...]
St. Petersburg Chiropractor Review
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Chronic Back Pain Treatment in St Petersburg
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Severe Back Pain Treatment in St Petersburg FL
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Aspirin Helpful or Hazardous?
Aspirin, one of the first drugs to come into common usage, is probably the most widely used drug inthe world.[...]
Antibiotics 21st Century Time Bomb
The first antibiotic, penicillin, became widely available in 1940. Antibiotics have since become a popular weapon in the medical arsenal[...]
Vertebral Subluxations and Accelerated Aging
Americans are living longer than ever before. The human life expectancy is increasing and barring unforeseen circumstances, we can expect[...]
Chiropractic Adjustments vs. Acupuncture vs. NSAIDs
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could assess three common types of treatment for neck and back pain to determine which is the most effective?
Balance & Dizziness
Many people seek chiropractic care for low back, mid-back, neck pain, and pain in the extremities, but what about balance and/or dizziness
Neck Pain – Chiropractic and the Older Patient
People of all ages suffer from neck pain, and many frequently turn to chiropractors for care because it’s been found to be one of the most...
Where Does Immunity Come From
MYTHThe flu vaccine is completely safe.The flu vaccine has been proven to prevent or lessen the symptoms of the flu.MYTHThe[...]
Is It My Low Back Or My Hip
When patients present with low back pain, it is not uncommon for pain to arise from areas other than the low back, such as the hip.
What’s This Tingling in My Leg?
When you think of low back pain, you may visualize a person half-bent over with their hand on the sore spot of their back.
Can Pregnant Women Receive Chiropractic Care?
Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, and we all want to provide the best environment for both mom and baby
Back Pain and Posture
Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common ailments that chiropractors treat. That’s probably because MOST of us will suffer from low back...
How Does Chiropractic Work?
Many people seek chiropractic care when their back goes out or their neck tightens up. But how does this form of care actually work?
Balance and Brain Health
During the course of the history and examination with new patients, it’s quite common to encounter seemingly unrelated complaints that may...
Neck Function and Balance
In the nervous system, there are three primary areas that regulate our balance: the cerebellum (located in the back of the brain)...
Chiropractic and Leg Length
Because the spinal cord is housed by the spine and the exiting nerve roots communicate with the autonomic nerves that basically run our organ function
What Are Cervicogenic Headaches?
Headaches are a very common problem that can have multiple causes ranging from stress to trauma.
Chiropractic: The Key to Performance and Recovery
The outcome of athletic competition directly relates to the condition of the human body. Equipment certainly plays a role in comfort and performance...
The Soundtrack of an Adjustment Relieves Tension
Many current or prospective chiropractic patients ask about the noise radiating from a Chiropractic adjustment. Patients eagerly ask about the popping...
Research proves Chiropractic surpasses PT for treatment
Chiropractic provides a more effective, cost efficient option for whiplash treatment than physical therapy and pain medications.
Ailing NBA Coach Urges People to Avoid Spinal Surgery
The Golden State Warriors continue to be one of the hottest teams in the NBA (National Basketball Association). They won more games than any team in NBA his
Chiropractic Provides MORE Affordable Health Care
Questions about healthcare continue to escalate amidst the recent changes in political and government leadership throughout the world.
Spinal Adjustments Get to HEART of the Matter
Chiropractors began helping men and women combat heart disease in 1895.
No Symptoms Necessary
A recent study in 2015 presented findings that show just how prevalent abnormal spinal health is to the average person without the necessity of pain or symp
Patients Under Chiropractic Care Reduced Opioid Use
Opioid prescriptions skyrocketed from 112 million in 1992 to nearly 249 million in 2015. Experts refer to this shift as the Opioid Epidemic.
Spinal Health Prevents Disc Degeneration
Car alignment depends largely on the durability of tires combined with the structure and function of the axle. Unbalanced alignment promotes the breakdown
Chiropractic Adjustments Influence Over 35 Trillion Cells in the Human Body
One of the most important objectives of Chiropractic involves removing interference from the nervous system in order to facilitate the body’s
Spinal Adjustments Provide a Better Alternative than drugs for irritable bowel
Chiropractic adjustments reduce stress from the body’s central processing system, better known as the nervous system.
A Drug Free Solution Exists for Fibromyalgia Sufferers
Over 12 million Americans and 6% of the world suffer from fibromyalgia. Women make up over three-quarters of those afflicted by this painful condition.
Chiropractic Provides an Evidenced Based Solution to Seasonal Allergies
Researchers estimate that fifty million people in the United States suffer from allergies.
Chiropractic Adjustments Promote Weight Loss
Chiropractic adjustments rarely receive recognition for their ability to assist in weight loss.
Chiropractic provides enhanced recovery from CONCUSSIONS
Stories of former athletes suffering with brain problems directly attributed to head trauma and multiple concussions arise every month.
Chiropractic Delivers!
Chiropractic adjustments only help musculoskeletal pain or injuries. Truth : Chiropractic is proven to help musculoskeletal...
Up to 90% of ALL Doctor Visits Originate From THIS
Doctors and health professionals agree that chronic stress attacks the body and systematically destroys an otherwise healthy organism.
Chiropractic & Migraine Headaches
Headaches pester and annoy tens of millions of people every day. Migraine sufferers experience the most excruciating pain and discomfort imaginable.
Chiropractic Provides Relief and Solutions for Headaches
Statistics reveal that more people complain about headaches than any other medical ailment.
Poor posture increases the risk of coronary heart disease by 64%
Termites silently destroy the foundation of thousands of unsuspecting homes every year.
Chiropractic provides a LONG-TERM solution for neck pain
Science and research regularly proves and strengthens the case that Chiropractic care provides a more safe and effective approach...
Boosting Immunity Without Drugs, Potions, Lotions, or Oils
Colostrum exists as one of the strongest immune-boosting substances in world.
Back pain steals hours of comfort and years of life
Approximately 700 million people around the world suffer from back pain.