Chiropractic Provides MORE Affordable Health Care

Chiropractic Provides MORE Affordable Health Care

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Questions about healthcare in St. Petersburg continue to escalate amidst the recent changes in political and government leadership throughout the world. People always desire better health care and outcomes for less cost. A study published in 2007 revealed that a different approach to standard medical care delivers the solutions sought by so many families across an array of budgets.

  • 60% Less Hospital Admissions
  • 59% Less Days Spent in the Hospital
  • 62% Less Outpatient Surgeries
  • 85% Less Costs on Pharmaceutical Drugs

Improved quality of life becomes more readily abundant through fewer hospital admissions and surgeries as well as invasive care prevention and reduced out of pocket expenses. Chiropractic care provides the additional benefit of improved health and vitality through a focus on maximizing health and organ function rather than simply treating symptoms or diseases.

The study noted that a difference in health care philosophy drives the difference in results between medical care and Chiropractic care. Chiropractors begin from the premise that every person possesses an innate wiring for health and vitality. Chiropractic recognizes and works with the intelligence inside the body that helped turn two cells into a fully functional and capable human being in less than ten months. Greater healthcare potential exists when applying this concept across a large populace and research continues to prove that proactive Chiropractic care does far more to benefit health than reactive medical care.

Prescription medications alleviate symptoms and warning signs within the body but pharmaceutical answers prove temporary time and again. Every symptom radiates from a source and Chiropractic pursues the purpose and cause of disease. True health care rectifies health concerns without reliance upon medications or surgeries and the side effects that go hand in hand with each.

The Chiropractic option continues to increase in enrollment as the primary health care choice for families tired of the sick care model of medicine. Research and results continue to reveal the health benefits that come from unlocking the power within the body rather than relying on external influences.

Chiropractors take pride in educating patients and the public on the results achieved through this revolutionary approach to health care. Millions of families across the globe seek better healthcare options but do so without understanding the negative implication of using the current medical system. Others feel trapped in a cyclical system of sickness and drugs that promote one another. Chiropractic provides an answer and Chiropractors all over the world pursue changing health care one community at a time through awareness, education, and appropriate spine and nervous system care.

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“The Addition of upper cervical manipulative therapy in the treatment of patients with fibromyalgia: a randomized controlled trial.”
I.M. Moustafa, A.A. Diab

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$47 New Patient Special*

Get this limited time offer that includes a comprehensive consultation, full spinal examination, and Core Score (valued at $305!)

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