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Where Does Immunity Come From


The flu vaccine is completely safe.

The flu vaccine has been proven to prevent or lessen the symptoms of the flu.


The flu kills over 30,000 Americans each year.


No studies have been done showing the safety of the flu vaccine, particularly for children or pregnant women. According to many studies and the flu vaccine insert, the vaccine contains many harmful and carcinogenic ingredients. (1)(2)(3)

A review of 217 published studies on flu vaccines found only 5% of them reliable. 95% of studies on flu vaccines are flawed and should be ignored. Canadian Researchers found no decrease in the monthly influenza rate following the introduction of their universal influenza immunization campaign in 2000. (4)(5)

The number of flu deaths are linked with “flu-associated” deaths. (this means elderly that die from complications of pneumonia typically get recorded as a flu death and create faulty statistics) (6)


Chiropractic is only for Back and Neck Pain.

Only those who express flu symptoms are infected with the flu virus.


Chiropractic adjustments will not prevent or improve flu outcomes.


Chiropractic has been proven to be just as much, if not more, effective at improving visceral and systemic organ health than it is at improving neck and back pain. (1)(2)(3)

Research shows that the majority of those infected by the influenza virus show no signs or symptoms of the disease because of their strong immune system. (4)

The spine and nervous system are directly linked to the immune system. Many studies have linked incredible immune-boosting benefits with a Chiropractic adjustment, even in children and infants. (5)(6)(7)(8)(9)

Its your body, you get to decide..

The Research

Myth vs. Facts on Vaccines

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Myth vs. Facts on Chiropractic

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