Dr. Shay Ridge Explains Who Unify Chiropractic Is For?


Dr. Shay Helps Patients both Young & Old

There is no one type of person that needs chiropractic care. It’s a universal medicine that benefits everyone. From young athletes to the elderly, chiropractic treatments help all!

Dr. Shay treat a variety of patients with a wide range of ailments and conditions. Read below and discover how chiropractic care truly is for everyone.

Dr Shay's Patients Include:

Expecting/Pregnant Mothers

A mother’s body goes through a considerable amount of change in a 9 month period while preparing for one of the most beautiful day’s in her life = childbirth!  Chiropractic care is essential during this time as it is a natural form of treatment to alleviate low back pain and discomfort caused by the added weight of the growing fetus. Treatment will also help to ensure proper alignment of the pelvis and hips, which is essential to the birthing process. When alignment is achieved, the body will then be able to expand the birthing canal to the maximum circumference, thus reducing pain and enhancing the duration of the delivery. A quick and painless birth will also decrease the necessity for the over-utilized caesarian section. It has been shown that a healthy spine increases immune function and decreases the need for senseless flu vaccinations that may harm you or your unborn child during your pregnancy. The expectant mother may also need additional advice with proper supplementation, diet, and/or all-natural remedies to help with morning sickness and the host of other ailments that may accompany her pregnancy. Dr. Shay encourages you to “Eat healthy for the both of you; a healthy child begins with a healthy mother!” http://icpa4kids.org/Wellness-Articles/an-expectant-parents-guide-to-chiropractic.html


We all know the birthing process is difficult for the mother, but what about the child? Have you ever noticed how much care one takes when holding a newborn? Take that picture and think about what occurs during a typical birth at your local hospital. The goal for both mother and doctor is to conceive the baby as quickly as possible to avoid complications.  In order to achieve this, there may be considerable force used to pull the baby from the womb. Consider the fact that common devices such as forceps and/or vacuum extraction may often lead to bruising and swelling of the cranium due to the forces utilized during the process. Additionally, if the unfortunate need for an emergency/planned caesarian section arises, the child’s cervical spine will have additional stress placed upon it as they are extracted from a small incision in your abdomen. From there, who evaluates your newborn’s spine? The answer, nobody! Chiropractors are often utilized as the last resort for common childhood ailments that could have been eliminated through proper alignment and function of the nervous system. Dr. Shay believes that the most important time to have the spine evaluated is just after birth. “A newborn’s body needs 100% uninterrupted communication from the brain down and out to every single tissue, cell, organ, and gland of the human frame. Misalignments in the spine may reduce the flow of energy from the brain to the body and the body to the brain via the spinal cord. Left uncorrected, these misalignments may lead to a malfunction of the body, thus creating disease and recurring symptoms. It is vital that the newborn has optimum communication via the nervous system to assist in growth and immune function of the child.” http://icpa4kids.org/About-the-ICPA/why-chiropractic-for-children.html


The amount of physical stress we place on our body before the age of 21 is enormous! The stress of school alone is enough to need an evaluation and alignment.  Children lug around heavy backpacks to and from school each day. They sit at a desk for hours per day and then come home to sit at the table and execute homework assignments. Think for a minute about how many slips, falls, fights, collisions, injuries, and accidents occur to the adolescent over the course of time leading up to an adult. Is it a wonder that a spine is worn down by the time an individual becomes an adult? Dr. Shay stresses the importance of providing proper Spinal Hygiene for your growing child. “Take the Dentist for example. They have taken the time to educate you and your family on the importance of Dental Hygiene for your teeth. The dentist will recommend regular check-ups, cleanings, and at-home hygiene practices such as brushing, flossing, and the utilization of mouth-wash to prevent tooth degeneration. In comparison, regular Chiropractic check-ups, adjustments, and at-home spinal hygiene practices can provide your growing child’s spine with the support needed to ensure proper alignment. These preventative practices will provide essential balance to the body while reducing the degeneration of the spine.” Additionally, more than 100,000 children are diagnosed with Scoliosis in the United States each year. The majority of these children are between the ages of 10-15 years old. Dr. Shay holds a special place in his heart for children as they are not capable of making their own decisions. It is for this reason that he urges each parent to have their child receive a Scoliosis examination by a licensed Chiropractor. “The ancient days of a nurse checking your child’s spine by bending over to touch your toes is not acceptable and should be a thing of the past” according to Dr. Shay. He concludes, “The only way to truly know if your child has a spinal deviation from normal is to have a thorough examination and X-Rays performed.” Chiropractic offers a proactive approach to the treatment of Scoliosis when compared to the reactive approach utilized by the medical model. Typical medical treatment of scoliosis includes observation, bracing, and eventual surgery if the condition worsens. Alternatively, Chiropractic looks to reduce the curvature through specific adjustments and incorporate stretching and strengthening of the affected musculature to treat the Cause of the dysfunction.


Is it a coincidence that the majority of Olympic and elite athletes use the services of a Chiropractor? Names such as Tiger Woods, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Aaron Rodgers, Terrell Owens, Tom Brady, Emmitt Smith, Johnny Damon, Lance Armstrong, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and gold medal Olympians such as Dan O’Brien and Usain Bolt regularly utilize chiropractic adjustments to maintain proper alignment.  The balance of the human frame provides enhanced biomechanics, thus leading to peak performance and a reduction of injury. As a former college athlete, Dr. Shay states “When participating with the best of the best, every inch counts. Fractions of a second separate first from second and winners from losers. Your body is a temple, treat it like an Olympian would!” Call us today for your FREE evaluation!”

The Working Adult

Let’s face it the majority of us have to work for a living! Dr. Shay like to say “we live in a BOX!!” We wake up and turn on a box to watch the news or Sportscenter. We then eat breakfast out of a cereal box. We jump into a box car and drive to work. We get to work and either: We then sit in a box cubicle at work on our box computer. (If this sounds like you check out this article that deems sitting as the new smoking: http://www.newsmaxhealth.com/Health-News/sitting-health-effects-death-risk-heart-disease/2013/05/28/id/506592/) Or we race around a box shaped factory lifting heavy materials and performing repetitive movements. We eat lunch out of a frozen box. We hunch over to stare at our box cell phone. We jump back in our box car and return to the box house. We sit back down and eat a boxed up frozen dinner. We play x-box or watch TV. We then crawl back into the box bed and repeat! Just look at the chemical, physical, and mental/emotional stress that one day of “box living” induces, and it becomes clear why Dr. Shay is correct in saying: “Chiropractic is not the end all be all, but it is a great start!”


This is a time in one’s life where Balance and Immune Function reign supreme. Chiropractic is a great course of treatment to ensure both are operating at their highest potential with proper alignment and supplementation.  Dr. Shay always says “it’s not about the quantity of one’s life, it’s about the quality”

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