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So here we are with one of my favorite patients and I wanted to just give her the opportunity to tell her she's an amazing chiropractic advocate that want give her an opportunity to tell her story so go ahead and introduce yourself I am Carol Ross and I come from Clear water, clear water awesome and go ahead and tell us a little bit about your history with chiropractic when did you start I started when I was 25 years old and I've been going for almost a little over 50 years that's big and I really started with a migraines I had very very severe migraine headaches and lower back pain and stress a lot of stress okay okay and I've had many many chiropractors in the 50 years some good some bad and I met Dr. Shay yeah and tell it about three years ago yeah yeah it has been it's time flies hang out talk to them how often you come in what your schedule currently I been having maintenance and I come every week and so it's every week for two years but by being under chiropractic you're balanced now Dr. Shay started when I started with him he started with an MRI we found out I had stenosis scoliosis because of my age which nobody believes my age and then we found out I had the sciatica which gives me the pain in my legs my Atlas axis rotates because I was born with a broken collarbone and we had what is it you gave me the big troves in the collapse but three times a week that's how I started some stuff to give the inflammation that makes you have the system clear system and then we started with once a week then put you animate this program I got some real results program and the scoliosis stenosis now is balanced I don't have that pain in my legs I don't have the sciatica and my neck there's always balance so that's your adjustment every week that's what you need and tell us tell us - because it sounds like obviously you've been through a lot of different chiropractors right so I'm good some bad you said tell us what would you say what's the what's some of the things that you notice different being underneath my carrier that you have a chance should we have exercises we have stretches we come in we got a wall we have technique with my neck by stretching it so we're the ones that's that's a little movement is you or not like that happens on the table and he stretches you there too so all of your fluids are balanced you're ready for your adjustment yeah so when you leave here you are balanced yeah totally you've got another week of energy which I volunteer every day so I have yeah we love it and tell us how long you gonna keep this up I get that a lot forever I mean I never give this up it's a lifestyle right yes this I'm an advocate for this when I started my best friend was a chiropractor and he passed away a long time ago when I came to Florida so I'm an advocate for you've got to have it Dr. Shay is one of the best of the best well we appreciate it we're so happy to have yet you're awesome everyone thanks so much

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$47 New Patient Special*

Get this limited time offer that includes a comprehensive consultation, full spinal examination, and Core Score (valued at $305!)

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